The Sherburn Research Group are a Synthetic Organic Chemistry research group based at the Research School of Chemistry, Australian National University, in Canberra, Australia.

Our research program aims to develop better ways to synthesise and study organic substances. Faster access to organic compounds – and a better understanding of organic structure and reactivity – leads to new and better medicines, smarter materials, and less environmental impact from chemical processes.

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We develop new methods to achieve efficient chemical synthesis through the development of new domino sequences, cycloaddition reactions, radical reactions, metal-catalysed C-C bond formation, and new methods for stereoselective synthesis. We are interested in applications of these new methods in the total synthesis of natural products, in hydrocarbon structures of fundamental importance, and in self-assembly and in host-guest chemistry.

Current group research areas:
• Total synthesis of natural products and designed structures
• New synthetic methods, strategies and tactics
• Domino processes
• Catalysis
• Fundamental hydrocarbons (especially pi-bond rich hydrocarbons)
• Host-Guest Chemistry.

Click here for a Sherburn Group research summary (updated October 2019).

The Sherburn Group are world leaders in the preparation, study and application of cross-conjugated systems. Mick is co-editor of the first textbook devoted to this topic, published in 2016.